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Experience the power of singing online

Why do we sing?

The health benefits of singing are well known and are really cool: reduced stress and anxiety through the release of natural ‘feel good’ brain chemicals,  it’s aerobic exercise for your heart, and it exercises your face! 🙂

But, we don’t sing because of the health benefits!

We sing because it makes us happy!

We sing because it makes us happy!

Online singing is an absolutely fantastic thing to do!
As soon as one session ends, I am hanging out for the next one! ❤️❤️


Absolutely fantastic

Watching everyone thoroughly putting their hearts into their singing makes my day. 

Not having to worry about others hearing my voice.

Its great to connect with people who are like minded and so passionate about singing and music.


Gives us something to look forward to

For those of you hesitating, I have some awesome news!

The internet lets us do amazing things but singing live online (no delays) isn’t one of them.

To get around this, we sing on Zoom (computer software) with the audio muted!

That’s right, no one can hear you sing!

Crazy!  You bet!
Awesome! Oh yes!

Everyone hears the music and sings at the same time but you don’t hear anyone else!

You get to sing out loud with squeaks and squawks, in tune or out, all without the fear of others hearing you.

I told you it was awesome!

Now there’s no reason not to join our online tribe.  All the barriers to singing in ‘public’ have been lifted. The artist in you is finally free to explore all that you can be.

How Do I Join

Our sessions are FUN, FRIENDLY and ACCESSIBLE and open to ANYBODY TO JOIN.

We are currently taking a break from our weekly online singing sessions BUT we do hold ONLINE events for those looking for something different.

These could be for fetes, fairs, markets, workshops, meetings, professional development….you name it and we can most probably do it!

We also run ‘pop-up’ online singing events. These will be announced to our newsletter subscribers and contacts.

Add your name to the list to be notified when our next online pop-up event is happening!

A Little About Us

Sue founded Choirs4Kids in 2016 and, after numerous requests, opened VividVoices in 2017.

Sue was also inspired to run World Singing Day in Perth from 2017-19.  The first year had 100 participants and the last year approximately 2000 people attended!

Until 2020 weekly adults sessions were run all over Perth.  It was awesome fun, an adventure which sadly came to a grinding halt in 2020.

In 2020, both choirs moved online and, unexpectedly and excitingly, are now reaching kids and adults all over world! 20 countries so far.  We are humbled to be able to reach so many people at a time when they need fun and connection in their lives!

2022 has seen a name change for the adult choir and, in keeping with the brand, the new name is Choirs4Adults!

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