How do I sign up?

Please follow these steps:

  • Select an appropriate Region (timezone) that suits where you are in the world
  • Add the product to the cart
  • Review the Cart contents including the currency you wish to pay in
  • At the Checkout select a payment method
  • You’ll receive confirmation of your purchase and an email with online class links and member resources
Is there an age limit?

We welcome anyone from 16 years of age  upwards.  Skies the limit smile.

What are your payment options?

Payment is by monthly subscription and is processed automatically on the last day of each month.

For those unsure about payment by subscription, please be assured you can cancel at any time through our website or by contacting us.  And we will refund you if you forget to cancel before the beginning of the month (conditions apply).

If you decide to take a month or two away from singing then just cancel your subscription and resubscribe when you return.  Easy! Of course, you could take us with you on your travels.  We’d love to see your smiling faces where ever you are!

what are the benefits of a subscription?
  • set and forget payment
  • you can cancel anytime
  • lower monthly cost (we save on admin time so we pass on the savings)
what do I need to join the sessions?
  • Access to a computer or ipad with ‘home internet’ for the best experience.  Mobile phones can be used but the screen size is small
  • A set of headphones/earphones for clarity are recommended
  • The Zoom application (you can download zoom from https://zoom.us)
  • A Zoom link, which we will email or SMS to you once you have enrolled

For the best experience (no video delays) it is recommended that other people in the house refrain from watching online TV (Netflix), using games consoles, PC downloads etc.  Heavy internet usage will impact your experience.

** Please note that other activities taking place in your house at the same time may be seen/heard!

how do we sing together?

Due to the limitations of the internet and the fact we are connecting from around the world, there can be issues with delays in the video and audio.

Unfortunately the technology to allow us to sing together in realtime (at the same time) doesn’t exsist yet and so most of our singing is with the audio muted. 

What does this mean:

  • You can hear the music and Sue singing
  • No one can hear you sing
  • But you can see everyone singing
  • Before and after each song the audio can be unmuted for questions

We do have some fun though and try singing together ‘un-muted’ for some suitable songs.  The results will be very dependant on the stability of the internet on the day.  If its a bit wobbly, it can lead to alot of laughing!

If this sounds a bit strange please try it first before dismissing it.  We offer 2 free sessions so you can experience it for yourself. 

So many people love the experience.  We think you will too!

what happens if I miss a session?

All of our sessions are recorded.  Within 24 hours we will post the recording into the Resources page on the members-only portal.  You can then watch the recording at your leisure.

what is your refund policy?

The cost of our online programs has been set at a low price point to make it available to as many people as possible.  

Our refund policy is:
after attending one online session you find that we are not the group for you, we will provide a refund of the unused $.

can i join at any time during the month?

Yes, you can join at any time.

Our subscription payment system takes into account when you join during the month and all future payments are spaced one month apart.

do you offer a free trial?

No we don’t. BUT we do offer a refund (of unused $) if you find that after attending one session, we are not the group for you.

Is the price per screen or per user?

We understand that its been a tough few years and every dollar counts.  However, we believe that our price is very reasonably priced for the service we provide.

The subscription is per person as we limit the number of participants (30) to ensure everyone has a fantastic experience.

what experience do you have?

A full description of my experience can be found on the About page.

In summary:

  • I have 20+ years as a music educator and I’ve been running my own singing business since 2016….and I LOVE IT.
  • I have been running Choirs4Kids since 2016 and VividVoices/Choirs4Adults since 2017.
  • The online programs has been completely online since 2020!
  • I continue to learn new modalities .  Over the past 12 months I have completed Estill training Levels 1 and 2, and graduated from the Embodima training.
  • I have also attended numerous vocal trainings all over the globe thanks to our new virtual world!
will singing help my happiness?
  • I really hope it will!
  • Our experience so far with the Online sessions have shown that the participants are really engaged, loving the connection and having lots of fun.
  • One of the contributing factors is the removal of the anxiety about what others may think when they sing.  No one can hear you sing! You get to be yourself and sing your heart out.  
  • There is so much evidence today that proves that singing releases all the  natural feal good hormones which reduces stress.  I think we all agree that we need less stress in our lives and we naturally feel happier as a result.