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AU$ 40 / month with a 7-day free trial


These sessions are fast, high energy moments in your day to boost your mental health and self esteem.

Sessions are 30 minutes of enjoyable singing!  This involves a quick warm-up (lip bubbles, shake body, faces and breath) then into the song that we are learning.
We learn a new song each session and maybe add a little harmony.  There is nothing to continue learning.  No sheet music to decode and no learning songs by memory.

Just an awesome opportunity to sing by yourself in a group situation, seeing heaps of smiling faces and feeling more alive one song at a time!

Each week, you get access to:

  • one online live session
    • Thu 6.00pm (Perth time)
    • 4 per month
  • email and SMS reminders
  • singing resources on our website
    • recording of the live session
    • your account to manage your subscription
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